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Sunday 4th June 2017

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Come and Sing Evensong

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Assistant Director of Music & Director of the Girls Choir - Vacancy

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Posted on Wednesday 17th May 2017

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The Essex and East London Church Music Committee of the Royal School of Church Music organizes training and other musical events in support of all church musicians in the Area. Drawing on support from the national RSCM organization, RSCM - EEL is a self funding body which utilizes local resources for the benefit of all those involved or interested in church music, whether they are organists, clergy, singers or instrumentalists.

The Committee organizes a wide programme of events, which attempts to cover many different interests and training requirements in church music and very much on an ecumenical basis. Events are open to all church musicians, but those who are from churches which are not members of the RSCM will be asked to pay a supplementary price.

The RSCM is an educational charity dedicated to raising standards and promoting music in every style of Christian worship and every denomination. Membership of the RSCM is an investment in the future of church music - and expresses support for our work.

Since its foundation in 1927 the RSCM has grown into an international organisation, providing inspiration and guidance to around 7,000 affiliated members and 4,000 individual members and Friends. Our Members are drawn from different denominations, they worship in different ways, they enjoy different musical styles, but what they have in common is the belief that good music, used effectively, greatly enriches Christian worship.

Our work is for the needs of the future, as well as the present. These are long-term challenges:

  • enabling suitably trained and experienced musicians to lead and inspire
  • reversing the present decline in singing in and out of church
  • understanding the nature and use of music in worship

Do find out more about our activities and come along to some of these events.